CONGRATULATIONS LAKE BEULAH RIPARIAN OWNERS AND RESIDENTS!   Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn recently handed down an important landmark decision that will go a long way in protecting lakes and streams in Wisconsin from high capacity wells.  As you may remember several years ago the Lake Beulah Management District sued the Village of East Troy over there placement of a high capacity well directly in the aquafer feeding the lake.  Over the ensuing months and years the District persevered in the case and had to take it all of the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The results of this effort and money spent was a victory for Lake Beulah known as the Lake Beulah decision.  In the recent decision, Clean Lakes vs Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources,  the Third District Circuit Court repeatedly cited the Lake Beulah decision and was a primary factor in the decision.   The Lake Beulah Management District is exceeding proud of the role we and all of Lake Beulah residents played in the protection of the waters of Wisconsin.

We have posted the whole decision for those who may choose to read it:   Clean Wisconsin v DNR high cap well decision.pdf (00735608xC3B04)