Mukwonago Well

New Village of Mukwonago High Capacity Municipal Well

The Village of Mukwonago is seeking Wisconsin DNR Approval of a new high capacity well near Highway J in the Town of East Troy. East Troy and LBMD officials have attended public hearings to determine the possible impact on the proposed well on both local private wells and Lake Beulah and have received the following expert opinion from our hydrogeologist regarding the potential damage of the proposed well to Lake Beulah.:

Bob Nauta of RJN Environmental Services, LLC reviewed the draft letter to the Village of Mukwonago from Aquifer Science and Technology (July 10, 2007), presenting the Caine Test Well Pumping Test Results and Recommendations. Based on his review, it is his opinion that the proposed Mukwonago municipal well will not have an adverse impact on Lake Beulah. Because the well is located downstream from Lake Beulah, it will be capturing groundwater that is leaving the lake’s watershed naturally. Also, because of its distance from the lake, it should not result in an acceleration of the flow of water from the lake.