Lake Beulah Hotel Zoning Mtg

2020 CZA Public Hearings


Walworth County Zoning Agency Meeting Instructions for October 15, 2020 :On Thursday, October 15, 2020, the County Zoning Agency will hear a number of land use applications beginning at 5:30 PM.  It is anticipated that two of these hearings will draw large groups of individuals.  The County Board Room generally accommodates about 60 people.  In light of anticipated heavy attendance, the County will be setting up a number of “overflow” areas in the Government Center.   These additional areas will allow people wishing to speak for each of the hearings the opportunity to view the meeting live and appear at the hearing at the appropriate times.

Due to the current pandemic, we HIGHLY encourage people to take advantage of calling in to the meeting to provide testimony.  When doing so, individuals on the phone will have the ability to hear everything that is said in the County Board Room and will be called upon to speak when it is their turn.  The meeting is also streamed live and can be viewed here:

If you wish to call in, you MUST contact Shannon Haydin no later than NOON on Thursday, October 15th.  You only need to contact Ms. Haydin if you will be testifying remotely.  You can reach Ms. Haydin via telephone at 262-741-7912 or email at [email protected] 

Please note, in June of 2019, the County Zoning Agency adopted time limits for all hearings.  You can review these limits on the Land Use and Resource Management website on the Planning page. Represented opposition (e.g.- represented by an attorney, engineer or other professional) are granted a total of 15 minutes of time to present.  This does not mean each organized group is granted 15 minutes.  If there are multiple “representatives” you will need to coordinate with each other on how to divvy up your allotted time.  Individuals not “represented” will be allowed to speak for 3 minutes each in favor or against the proposal.


Individuals attending for the 1341 Beach Road LLC/D1341 Associates, LLC (Beulah Hotel) hearing should proceed to Room 214 when they arrive at the Government Center.  Elevators are available for individuals that cannot ascend stairs.  Video footage of the hearings will be streamed live to this room.  When the Boss/Payne and Dolan hearing is completed the County Zoning Agency may take a 5 to 10-minute break to allow individuals to get situated for the next hearing.  During this time, individuals should proceed to the County Board Room and the adjacent overflow area.

County staff will be on site to help direct people to the appropriate location while they await their time to participate in the hearings.