Effective as of 6:00 am Saturday morning (7/15/17) the “temporary slow no wake” restriction has been lifted for Lake Beulah.  However the usual weekend and holiday restriction remain as well as all other current boating regulations.


Effective immediately, Joe Klarkowski, Town of East Troy Chairman has declared a slow no wake period on the entire Lake Beulah until further notice. In the name of good property management we urge everyone to observe the slow no wake. With the lake so high any waves do damage and big waves will do substantial damage.

The management district has started lowering the spillway by pulling boards. We pulled one set at 10:00 AM Wednesday and expect to pull one or more sets Wednesday evening. If the rain stops we should be able to easily handle the level of the lake.

Please check our web site for further information as it becomes available.


As spring finally peeks out from behind the clouds the District is about to start its harvesting activities. Due to some equipment problems we probably won’t get started until June. Care will be taken to avoid fish spawning grounds and other environmentally sensitive areas.

The Treasurer Report showed a marked increase in tax collections but very little in the way of expenses due to the time of the year.

It was reported to the District that there was some activity on the face of the dam which our County Representative, Randy Timms will investigate as the county has jurisdiction there.  Most of the other reports were non issues as nothing has taken place.

The one topic of most interest was Sergeant Schmidt’s comments of changes to the boating rules on the lake and the up-coming safety activity of the police boat.

Sgt. Schmidt reported there are no changes anticipated for this year or for coming years. Chairman Dave Bitter reported that Joe Klarkowski, Town of East Troy Chairman, indicated that the town board would not entertain any changes unless agreed to by both the District and the Lake Beulah Protective and Improvement Association. On the other hand, Sgt. Schmidt did say that safety was of prime concern of the new chief and that boaters should make sure their boats comply with all the rules, including fire extinguishers, battery covers, life jackets, etc. The board discussed these matters and we certainly agree that safety is of prime importance during the upcoming boating season.

Come join us at our next meeting on June 13, 2017 5:30 PM at the ET Town Hall.

Have a great summer.


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